AI/ML technology to improve the speed and accuracy of sewer inspection programs.

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Award Winning Software Platform

Winner of the Digital Products Award at the Innovation Spotlight Awards 2022.

Building transformations

“With PipeInsights our clients can accelerate inspections and dedicate more time to their core mission: solving today’s critical water infrastructure challenges.”

Bev Stinson
Chief Executive, AECOM’s Global Water business
How it works
user upload
User uploads
A user will upload coded or uncoded CCTV inspection videos and data into the cloud-based platform.
Data science
Applies data science
Data science is applied to the inspections, the data quality is reviewed and confidence levels are provided.
Processes data
Processes data
AI/ML data processing flags potential coding errors or missed codes and automates the defect coding process.
Identifies risks
Identifies risks
The PipeInsights platform will then identify and display structural and operational risks in your collection system.
Recommends treatments
Recommends treatments
Recommends structural and operational treatments though a built-in and engineered decision support system.
Provides information
Provides information
Detailed information and costs are provided to enable the development of your asset capital improvement plans.
Features and Benefits
Significant processing time reduction
More consistent and accurate condition assessment and capital improvement program development
Enhanced understanding of overall sewer system health
Reliable analytics for defensible decision-making
Enhanced communication across teams
Industry-standard coding systems

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